NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps For Tennis Players | Wrist Injury Prevention

In the world of Wrist Support designed for tennis, NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps are the ONLY wraps on the market that protect your wrists, while allowing full range of motion!

NewGrip Wrist Support for tennis work by absorbing the shock on your wrist during tennis playing.

Tennis Players get the following benefits;

  • Increased blood flow to wrist and hand
  • Decreased swelling
  • Supported carpal tunnel and median nerve
  • More wrist stability and power
  • Full range of motion

Typical store bought wrist wraps for tennis are either polyester or a 50-50 blend which causes perspiration and even itchiness. Not good. NewGrip wrist support straps are 100% cotton.

NewGrip Wrist support for tennis

NewGrip wrist support for tennis are made from cotton which breaths and repeals perspiration.

NewGrip tennis wrist support wraps stimulate the supply of blood to the sore wrist. This improves the natural response of the body to cause it to enter a condition called homeostasis: whereby the body tries to regulate the temperature. In so doing it expands blood vessels with increased blood flow.

This brings more blood to your sore wrists, causing vessels to increase in size, supplies nutrients and oxygen to your wrist and reduces inflammation. This relaxes muscles and tendons which relieves pressure off the median nerve.

By applying as much tension as is comfortable to NewGrip wrist support, and by wearing them as often as possible, you will quickly experience pain relief.

Wearing NewGrip wrist support for tennis as tight as possible helps keep the tendons, running through your wrist from bulging and keeps inflammation down.  Our customers get the best results by wearing NewGrip wrist support for tennis as much as possible to help heal wrists prevent over extension which leads to injury.

Check out a few testimonials from our very satisfied customers:

I'm a physical therapist and I must tell you, in my +35 years I have seen no tennis wrist support better than yours. Perry McGinnis, PT, Indiana
I had Flexor Carpi Ulnaris (FCU) tendinitis as I play lot of tennis. I tried everything but your wrist wraps for tennis did the trick. Lots of products "claim" they can do miracles but yours provided the solution. Great product and even greater quality. No more sore wrists. Yours are the best wrist wraps for tennis playing.Ravishankar, Pennslyvannia
I belong to a few competitive tennis leagues. One of my biggest problems in following through my swing was weak sore wrists. Using New Grip wrist wraps for tennis helped me keep my wrist firmer, I didn't drop my hand, had to keep my racquet up and in front of me. What a difference. Your Wrist Wrap is light, easy to put on, easy to clean. It also offered protection because I would have eventually hurt my wrist with some bad habits. Aside from giving support, it is a subtle reminder not to collapse the wrist at the end of the swing. I always carry a few in my tennis bag. Elise Yuter
A neuro surgeon explained "It was the roughness of textures on things being grasped and squeezed, like the surface of tennis racquet handles that caused sore wrists.

People who experience wrist pain, sore hands or sore elbows might find enormous relief from the realization that it is the nerve bundles in our fingers and hands that transmit inflammation which is often treated as signs of tendonitis, arthritic hands, wrist strain, carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow. This not only applies to tennis but ANY repetitive task that potentially can irritate the nerve interface in our hands which then affects our wrists.

After using NewGrip wrist wraps the pain subsided in less than a week!  Prof. Philip Daughtry, Santa Monica College
After wearing the wrist support for tennis playing overnight and all day today, there is a noticeable difference in the flexibility of my wrist. I have been suffering from wrist tendonitis off and on due to tennis. I must admit I was skeptical that a piece of cotton webbing could help with my tendonitis. I now have hope that I will be able to play this USTA season. Thank you for a great product.   Regina Lim-Knotwell
I've gone over six months without a flare-up of tendonitis in my wrists (both), which is amazing, and apparently attributed to NewGrips which I now use religiously when weight training. Michael Seeman, Colorado
I always feel like my wrists are going to break every time I lift, so the wrist straps have helped a great deal. And, like most people, I often grip the weights too much, to the point where my knuckles are white (which, as we all know, eludes to the fact that I'm not working my targeted muscles as much as my knuckles). Using Grips this no longer happens. Also, I am a Vegan, so the fact that I am not buying a carcass feels good too. You have done yourself well, NEW GRIP!" Suzette Andrea