Testimonials For NewGrip Workout Gloves:

I was very skeptical towards your product, but NewGrips lifting gloves are the best thing I ever bought for bodybuilding. I lifted heavier weights from the first lift. Never realized, until now, that hand pain of the barbell pressing on my bones kept me from lifting more. NewGrips are the highest quality lifting glove. Tommy Rorvik, Bodybuilding in Norway
My first pair of NewGrip Workout Gloves lasted 3 years!  My hands do not get sweaty as they did in traditional workout gloves and NewGrips have much better hand padding. I bench 105 lbs which is just under my body weight.   Its a lot of pressure on my hands... which NewGrip workout gloves relieve.  Judy Ohara, California
 NewGrips are inexpensive and amazingly effective at relieving pressure on the hands and wrists. The giant added benefit is they allow you to lift more weight or complete more reps. Most people don't realize they stop lifting because of grip fatigue instead of true muscle exhaustion. If you use NewGrip you'll move more weight. Period.  Pete Sisco, co-author of Power Factor Training and Static Contraction Training. www.PrecisionTraining.com
 NewGrip gym gloves are the most innovative piece of equipment out there.  NewGrips are the MOST important investments in any gym goer's life.  Alan Lerner C.P.T., NYC
While doing workouts with 100-150 pull-ups, I was prone to cut-opened bloody blisters. But not any more since using NewGrip padded crossfit gloves. The hand pads are easy and fast to switch in and out as you go from one exercise to another. The wrist support works great while Snatches, Overhead Squats, Push presses, etc. Ankit, CrossFit Hardcore, Florida
These Crossfit Gloves are the bomb. The ripping of my hands got annoying. Since using NewGrip crossfit gloves I haven't gotten a new rip. They provide cushion and grip as long as you keep them chalked and dry. I swear by them. I don't do a pull up without them!  Omar Torres, aka Bionic YouTube site.
NewGrips completely stop the compression bruises from the heavy weights. They make holding the bar quite comfortable.  Reps increased 15% as promised!Neil Kelliher, Melbourne, Australia
Not another cookie cutter glove. NewGrips are out-of-the-box thinking.  Nathan Shapiro, New York

FANTASTIC!!! Better than other weight lifting gloves.  T. Wallace, Washington

Worth their weight in gold Patricia M, Florida
Best piece of weight lifting equipment I could own. George Horton, North Carolina
10 times easier to wear than leather gloves.  SGT Beth Covais, US Army
Not just another glove that you have to jam your hands into.   Andrew Ross, Florida
NewGrip weight lifting gloves are the single best invention for training since the exercise ball! Rob May, Wyoming
NewGrip lifting gloves are 100 times better than the Valeo and Harbinger.  Daniel Sbar, New Jersey
I will never wear leather gloves again.  Rob Hector, Vancouver, BC
 You really kind of reinvented the wheel with your NewGrip weight gloves!  Craig Holbrook, Massachusetts
 The best innovation since pizza by the slice!  Lisa K Wiggs, North Carolina

Testimonials For Our Wrist Support:

I started experiencing wrist pain and sore wrists from typing all day, and years of weight lifting. The pain was so bad, so severe, that I couldn't lift for months. But now, I'm stoked because NewGrip wrist support helped me not only physically but more importantly cognatively as well. Thanks man.......keep up the great work.Ryan L., Nevada
I wear your wrist support day and night. But if I don't keep them on at night, the difference in the morning is unbearable. They are absolutely brilliant. I tuned a piano the other day and I never lost sensation once and it was really out of tune too, but no tingles or pins and needles or numbness. Fantastic!Pete Doyne, Canada
I'm a physical therapist and I must tell you, in my +35 years of lifting weights I have seen no wrist pain support better than yours.Perry McGinnis, PT, Indiana
Your wrist support offers patients a way to manage painful wrists and return to everyday activities while protecting and supporting the median nerve of the carpal tunnel. This is a breakthrough.Minga Guerrero, Chiropractor, Oregon
I've gone over six months without a flare-up of tendonitis in my wrists (both), which is amazing, and apparently attributed to NewGrips which I now use religiously when weight training.Michael Seeman, Colorado
I am a Medical Transcriptionist and work on a computer eight hours a day, nonstop. About two years ago I started having problems with aches and pains in both wrists. My husband found your web site and ordered a set of your wrist support wraps. Within a few weeks all symptoms stopped! Now, I will never again type without wearing them. Your wrist bands have worked wonders!Valerie Kitts - Pennsylvania
"I've gone over six months without a flare-up of tendonitis in my wrists (both), which is amazing, and apparently attributed to NewGrips which I now use religiously when weight training. Michael Seeman, Colorado
I've been playing drums for almost 10 years and I play hard and fast. I damaged both my wrists pretty badly. I couldn't play for a year and once they felt good enough to play they'd just hurt again right after practice. With your straps I have virtually no pain and actually a lot more strength on my snare.. it's quite amazing. If you ever need to convince someone that these work, send em my way.Derek Gierhan, Maine