NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps

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NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps are perfect for:

  • Stabilizing wrists for not only workouts, but typing, sports, and are especially effective injury prevention/relief for musicians
  • Reversing onset carpal tunnel and tendinitis issues
  • Increasing blood flow and eliminating swelling in wrists
  • Protection while allowing full range of motion

 NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps feature:

  • 100% woven cotton design
  • Indestructible design typically lasts 5-10 years with daily use
  • Wearable 24/7 to prevent wrist injury and promote healing

NewGrip wrist support are a highly versatile product, they attach to NewGrip Hand pads for workouts and can also be worn independently to help eliminate wrist soreness, arthritis, Carpal tunnel, as well as nerve and hand issues.


Each pacakge contains, two Wrist Support Wraps, made with durable black woven cotton.

NewGrip Wrist Support wraps are hand washable with dish soap and can hang to dry.