NewGrip Wrist Support For FCU Tendinitis | Relief From Chronic Wrist Pain and Strain

NewGrip Wrist Support for Chronic Wrist Pain support wrists and eliminate pain by:

  • Supporting wrists while allowing full range of motion
  • Compressing effected areas promoting blood flow and oxygen and decreasing swelling
  • Preventing hyper-extension in wrists
  • Warming wrists promoting healing

NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps are ideal for:

  • Musicians
  • Athletes
  • Typists

NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps feature:

  • Highly adjustable sizing for a perfect snug fit
  • 100% Cotton makes them extra comfortable
  • Moisture wicking and breathable construction

 NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps help eliminate:

  • FCU Tendinitis
  • Chronic Wrist Swelling
  • Onset carpal tunnel issues
  • Wrist Hyper-extension


A little back ground about your wrists:

The tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris can be seen on the anterior of the distal forearm. On a person's distal forearm, right before the wrist, they will see either two or three tendons. Flexor carpi ulnaris is the most medial (closest to the little finger) of these. (The most lateral one is flexor carpi radialis muscle, and the middle one, if it exists, is palmaris longus.)

 The Science Behind our Wrist Support Wraps:

Typical store bought wrist supports are either polyester or a 50-50 blend which causes perspiration and even itchiness. Not good. NewGrip wrist support straps are 100% cotton.

Cotton breaths and repeals perspiration.

NewGrip wrist support wraps stimulate the supply of warmth to the sore wrist. This improves the natural response of the body to increased temperature and causes it to enter a condition called homeostasis: whereby the body tries to lower the temperature to the area. In so doing it expands blood vessels with increased blood flow.

This adds heat to your sore wrists, causing blood vessels to increase in size, supplies nutrients and oxygen to your wrists and reduces inflammation. The added heat relaxes muscles and tendons which relieves pressure off the median nerve.

By applying as much tension as is comfortable to NewGrip wrist support, and by wearing them as often as possible, you will quickly experinece pain relief.

Wearing them as tight as possible helps keep the tendons, running through your wrist from bulging and keeps inflammation down.

FCU Tendonitis Testimonial From A very satisfied customer:

I had injury-induced wrist pain in the FCU tendons (Flexor carpi ulnaris) of both of my wrists for over a year when I heard about "NewGrip" wrist support.

They supported my muscles and relieved pain as the chronic injury healed. When I first read the testimonials and reports, I didn't believe it. So, I took the risk and bought a pair.

Then your NewGrips did what THREE (count 'em!) PROFESSIONALS couldn't do.

An orthopedic surgeon (including two excruciating cortisone shots), a physical therapist and a homeopath couldn't do a thing.

After hundreds of dollars spent on failed treatment, your economical, inexpensive wonderful solution set me on my way back to health. Thanks a million!

"After an injury in May 2008, I went to an orthopedic doctor in September 2008 who, after an X-ray that showed nothing, told me to take heavy doses of Ibuprofen, up to six times a day, for several months, and referred me to a physical therapist.

The therapist took all sorts of measurements and information, but her strengthening exercises weren't working, either.

I went back to the orthopedic doctor several months later, and he shot my wrists with cortisone. In addition to a LOT of pain, they only made things worse.

After that, I went to a homeopathic doctor. He gave me a bunch of herbs and explained the situation better than the other two doctors, but the herbs, aside from temporary relief, did nothing long-term.

I went back to Ibuprofen because the pain was so bad, and kept this way for several months. After a week of rehearsals (in August 2009, over FIFTEEN months!) for a play I was in, the dancing was so hard for my wrists that the pain at times was overwhelming.

After the first week, when I got home, your wrist wraps arrived. The next week of dance rehearsals went by amazingly well. I had been injured for so long that the sudden relief was almost surreal. I took almost no pain medication. For the next four months, I wore the wraps almost constantly, even at night, and my wrists were much closer to fully functional.

The full braces that the orthopedic surgeon and the homeopathic doctor had recommended just stiffened my joints and made my muscles atrophy. My wrists reached a point where I was able to find a physical therapist who used non-invasive applied human kinesiology. That was a month ago. The news from the therapist is positive, and I'm on my way back to full capacity. I thought it was going to be a life-long thing; now it might be all done in less than two years."

Taylor P.

An article about sore wrists from our blog:

Say Goodbye to Sore Wrists!

Having aching wrist pain is a very serious health concern. Wrist issues may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Taming achy wrists is a difficult challenge. Hundreds of web sites, YouTube videos, and medical web sites promise cures for this condition, touting exercise, supplements, manipulations and even surgery. Searching for a 'cure' can be exasperating. Unfortunately, most of them don't help.

Median Nerve Diagram Sore Hands NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps

The median nerve runs from your lower cervical (neck) and upper thoracic (middle back) segments of your spine down the inside of your bicep and elbow, down your forearm and through your carpal tunnel (wrist) and then branches out, through several tendons, like a tree sending out roots. These roots supply nutrients to the nerve bundles of your hands and fingers.

Computer users, musicians, athletes and even grocery store checkers are diagnosed as having 'sore wrists', 'wrist pain', 'arthritic wrists', 'wrist tendonitis' and 'carpal tunnel syndrome' each having the same root cause!

Over a period of time, these sensitive nerve endings in your fingers can become damaged from over-use and then become inflamed. This inflammation manifests as serious wrist pain. Without reduction of this inflammation, pain continues and often worsens, affecting the median nerve at its weakest point, the wrist, forearm or elbow.

NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps

Unlike other wrist supports which are made of polyester or a 50-50 stretch blend, new and improved NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps are made of 100% , sturdy, non-stretch breathable cotton. Non-stretch cotton provides controllable compression to the sore wrist.

NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps stimulate the supply of warmth to the sore wrist, improving the natural body response toward achieving homeostasis; a stable temperature.

In effect, NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps provide added heat to painful wrists; blood vessels increase in size, nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the wrist very often resulting in elimination of the cause... all without anti-inflammatory drugs. This increased warmth relaxes the tendons to and reduces pressure on the median nerves.

Users have found that by wearing the NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps 24/7, with a snug comfortable fit, that they experience great relief within a week or two, often sooner.

Testimonials from Highly Satisfied Customers:

NEW GRIPS have been a huge help. I wear the wraps on my right wrist when I type, and both straps and hand pads when I lift weights, and no wrist pain ever since. J. Buhle, Cognitive neuro-scientist, New York

I'm a physical therapist and I must tell you in my 35+ years of practice I have seen no wrist pain support better than yours.  Perry McGinnis, PT, Indiana

Your wrist support offers patients a way to manage painful wrists and return to everyday activities while protecting and supporting the median nerve of the carpal tunnel. This is a breakthrough! Minga Guerrero, Chiropractor, Oregon
I had Flexor Carpi Ulnaris (FCU) tendinitis as I play lot of tennis. I tried everything but your wrist support bands did the trick. Lots of products "claim" they can do miracles but yours provided the solution. Great product and even greater quality.  Ravishankar, Pennslyvannia
I use NewGrip wrist support for tennis because they give me the extra support I need in my wrist. I have wrist tendonitis and these wraps put less strain on it. I love how they come in sizes because my wrists are tiny and this is the only wrap that can go tight enough on them. I play college tennis and use these wraps a lot for matches and practice! They definitely save my wrists from unwanted pain! Jenn LaChance
 NewGrip wrist wraps have been a huge help. I wear the strap on my right wrist when I type, and both straps + hand pads when I lift, and no pain ever since!  Jason Buhle, Cognitive neuro-scientist, NYC
I wear your wrist support day and night, only to let my wrists breath once or twice a day. But if I don't keep them on at night, the difference in the morning is unbearable. They are absolutely brilliant. I tuned a piano the other day and I never lost sensation once and it was really out of tune too, but no tingles or pins and needles or numbness. Fantastic!  Pete Doyne, Canada
I'm a physical therapist and I must tell you, in my +35 years of lifting weights I have seen no wrist support better than yours. Perry McGinnis, PT, Indiana
Your wrist support offers patients a way to manage sore wrists and return to everyday activities while protecting and supporting the median nerve of the carpal tunnel. This is a breakthrough.  Minga Guerrero, Chiropractor, Oregon
 I've been playing drums for almost 10 years and I play hard and fast. I damaged both my wrists pretty badly. I couldn't play for a year and once they felt good enough to play they'd just hurt again right after practice. With your straps I have virtually no pain and actually a lot more strength on my snare.. it's quite amazing. If you ever need to convince someone that these work, send em my way.  Derek Gierhan, Maine
 I've gone over six months without a flare-up of tendonitis in my wrists (both), which is amazing, and apparently attributed to NewGrips which I now use religiously when weight training. Michael Seeman, Colorado