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NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps Are Proven to STOP Musicians' Wrist Pain

NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps Guitar

NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps are the ONLY wrist support on the market specifically designed for musicians.  If you're gigs, practices and recording sessions are being cut short because of pain in your hands or wrists, then NewGrip Wrist Support is the solution.

Why Musicians love NewGrip Wrist Support:

  • Compression to effected areas increasing blood flow and decreasing swelling
  • Full range of motion that won't limit your playing like other braces
  • Fully adjustable to fit any size of wrist
  • Dampens vibration which can cause chronic pain over time
  • Prevents wrists from extreme twisting which can cause re-injuries
  • Prevents and reverses, CTS, swelling, arthritis, unlar and median nerve pain
  • Dynamic wrist support ideal for drummers, guitarists, and pianists

NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps for Drummers

The reason wrists get sore from playing is not just from over use. The root cause are the vibrations that travel up the nerve endings of your fingers and literally cause the nerves and tendons in your wrists and forearm to 'zing' and stretch out of shape.  This problem is especially common in drummers, when drums bounce back rattling fingers and wrists.

New Grip Wrist Support Wraps Drummers
NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps absorb vibration by comfortably compressing the wrist area and helps keep the median nerve and several tendons that control your finger movements from bulging out of shape.

The natural cellular structure of 100% cotton, with its fuzzy little ends, attracts vibration up into the wrist wrap, deflecting it from your forearms.

This makes your wrists and forearms more relaxed and stronger; allowing you to perform with more energy.

NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps for Guitar Players

    Sore wrists and guitar playing seem to go hand in hand.. Here is why. Several tendons and the median nerve that run through the wrist (the carpal tunnel) inflame from over use; not unlike guitar strings that get lose from over playing. Our wrist support for guitarists keep those nerves and tendons in line; the same way a capo keeps strings in line.

    Guitarists tend to have wrist issues for the following reasons:

    • Incorrect form
    • High tension (action) on the guitar
    • Repeated motion
    • Pain due to prior injury

    Any of these can lead to crippling pain and playing less, or in many cases, ceasing to play at all.  We've talked to thousands of musicians who were looking for help and wanting to play again.

    NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps For Guitar Wrist and Hand pain

    NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps decrease hand and wrist pain by, stabilizing the wrist bones and tendons while allowing full range of motion.  NewGrip wraps also provide compression which increases blood flow and oxygen to affected areas in the wrist, decreasing swelling and pain.  NewGrip wrist support wraps decrease Carpal Tunnel, Ulnar, and Median Nerve Pain as well.  NewGrip wraps can be worn 24/7 and many of our very satisfied customers find they have better results faster the more often they are worn.

    We've heard from hundreds of very satisfied customers over the years about the benefits they've had wearing our wrist support wraps. 

    Here are a few testimonials:

    PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER Aaron Comess: The good news is my hand and arm are feeling much better...your wrist straps got me through some gigs when I was really hurting...I am very grateful to you for that...they are especially helpful when drumming with the Spin Doctors since I play quite a bit louder with them....thanks again...Aaron Comess: drummer, producer, session player
    I suffered with tendonitis for about 5 months and have not been able to play without pain. My wrists were hurting so badly, I didn't think I could play any more. So, I bought your wristbands and played an entire gig, all 4 hours, with no pain or discomfort. I wear them day and night for maximum relief.Chris Burkholder
    Motley Too...Tribute Band
    I suffered from M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which can cause muscle pain and fatigue, but haven't had any trace of pain or recurrence of the "guitar elbow" twinges that I had before I used NewGrip wrist support.Rick Davonport, Vocals / Guitar for Seered
    I play guitar, acoustic, classical and electric, and go 5x a week to the gym and have developed the devastating consequences of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which has thrown my routine out of kilter. But since using your wrist grips, the support they provide does away with the wrist pain and allows me total confidence to play without losing feeling in my hands. In all seriousness, if it wasn't for your straps I'm not sure if I would have a career. :-)Walid Farruque, Berlin, Ocean
    Your wrist straps have proven to be a godsend. They enable me to play with much more comfort than I ever thought possible. The straps are a real relief tool. I owe ya. It almost seems that the tighter you pull them the better they work. This is the first weekend in a long time that I haven't felt pain and that is a big accomplishment. Steve "Boomtap" Wurts
    Split Decision Band
    I developed tendonitis about a year ago. I was coming to the conclusion that I would no longer be able to play. But I was really shocked at how once I used your wrist support straps I feel NO pain at all. It's incredible."Liam, UK
    "Since wearing your wrist support bands I notice I am not rubbing my wrists when I finish playing and I do not have to ice them like I used to. They keep my wrists warm and snug without sweat. I am so happy now that I can play longer and not have any pain after.-Vee Sullivan, Florida
    I battled several bouts with inflammation and mild tendonitis prior to using your NewGrip straps. Excitedly I now proclaim that I am simply amazed by your product and the awesome results I’ve experienced! Your straps have all but alleviated my pain, soreness, and weakness! The stamina is back! I will both promote and use your straps for years to come."-Joe G.,Alabama
    Your wrist straps are awesome! I can't tell you what a relief it is to know my hands aren't going to lock up or go numb mid-show anymore.Cully Johnston

    I have suffered with very painful inflamed "guitar elbow" joints (both elbows), requiring lots of physiotherapy and a long rest from playing. It made sense to try your Wrist Support.I would not now play guitar without wearing your wrist wraps that stopped my guitar wrist pain.Roy Scott, U.K.
    Even though WFD Athletes are in TOP Physical Condition they use NewGrip Straps because it gives them the 'Extra Edge' in Comfort, Support, Controlled Wrist Temperature.. and besides they are just plain stylish!" - Boo McAfee, co-inventor of the Drumometer
    I've been suffering from wrist tendonitis. As the drummer for Fall 2 Earth, the tendons in my wrists have been regularly stretched to the limit during the band's often ong sets. Until now, popping Ibuprofen pills has been my only relief. Today, I tried NewGrip wrist wraps and was able to rehearse for a staggering six hours with no discomfort. The wrist wraps were very comfortable and the band thought that my new "sweatbands" looked cool as well. As you recommended, I put them on as tightly as possible to provide the greatest amount of support and they didn't let me down. I didn't expect much for $20 but NewGrip has proven me wrong. Thanks for your support - wrist that is!Dave Hertz
    I have been playing drums for 11 years, and have mild carpal tunnel in my right arm which was affecting my ability to play. I ordered your wrist straps hoping they'd do something and figured, if they didn't, it's only $20 or so, no big deal.
    We had a big show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. I put on your straps and went to our practice space before we had to load-in and do sound check. After stretching and warming up my arms and such, I started to play and immediately I could feel the difference and, as I continued to play over the next half-hour. My fears and anxieties about being able to play vanished. By the time we got to the show I was elated and that night was one of the best ever. My arms were limber, fast and virtually pain-free.
    In short, NewGrip wrist wraps rock!" Chris Ohnesorge
    Drummer for Ex-Boyfriends.
    These wrist supports are AMAZING!!! I have been playing for over 20+ years and since I bought these, I feel more energy and less wear and tear on my wrists and hands. Phenomenal product. Phenomenal company!"Michael Castillo
    Brown Betty and Aztec Zodiac
    After years of damage to my right hand from rock and classical guitar playing (a ganglion cyst over the top tendon on the back of the hand) plus, from typing at a computer a whole lot. Since using NewGrip wrist support my drumming has improved so much! My hands are stronger. I can really lay into the drums now and NO PAIN at all. The speed of my single stroke rolls has also increased dramatically. It's like a miracle." Paula Coots,
    drummer, guitarist, writer
    Paula on YouTube
    I've been wearing your wrist straps for about 1 month now, and my left wrist is problem free for the first time in 2 years! You've got a great product that's not hype and does what it says!"Rick Davonport, Vocals / Guitar for Seered
    Your wrist straps maintain proper alignment and support during drumming. My wrists didn't feel "beat" after two 1 hour sets...which is priceless."John Passarelli, Drummer,
    Icarus Witch
    I'm a drummer..and I use your Straps to strengthen my hands and forearms which have been affected by repeated force. Good drumming is all in the wrists. All other straps are bulky or restraint type. I know it sounds nuts, but just strapping my wrists helps a great deal. Yours are the only straps I've found that do not hinder my playing. I used them at a 4 hour gig over the weekend. They worked great and there was very minimal ache in my hands afterwards. Cool! Thanks so much.Ric Garcia, California,