NewGrip Gloves for Arthritis, Tendon & Carpal Tunnel Issues | Reversal of Tendonitits from Lifting | Relief from Chronic Hand and Wrist Pain

NewGrip Gloves Eliminate Arthritic and Tendon pain from lifting by:

  • Cushioning hands with 1/4" neoprene
  • Supporting/stabilizing wrists with a 2" thick wrist support wrap
  • Fully custom fit, so you can adjust the pad to the part of your hand where you need the most coverage
  • Increasing grip diameter and grip strength and maximizing your lifts

Our customers report on average lifting 10-15% heavier weights!

How Arthritis Develops in Weight Lifters:

Lifting weights is a contact sport, and one of the most effective workouts there is.  Year of heavy lifting can lead to a number of injuries and one of the most common is arthritis in your hands and wrists.  This can be cause by poor form, over lifting, or a number of other problems.  Many serious lifters and body builders buy expensive traditional gloves in the hopes that their pain will be eliminated.  The problem is that most gloves don't protect hands from the heavy loads we are lifting, most feature limited padding that is compressed.  Typically this arthritis gets worse and lifters have to give up lifting all together.

First of all let me assure you: hand numbness can be relieved and in many cases healed. The more you know about CTS the better the chances of total cure.

Cause: Stress injury due to prolonged, repeated movements of the hands or fingers. Overuse or repetitive movements of the hands on the job or during leisure activities can inflame tendons or ligaments, causing them to swell and compress the median nerve. Here is probably what is happening to you:

The long (median) nerve running from your your shoulder and bicep, around your elbow and then, after it passes through your carpal tunnel (along with several tendons) it branches out like the roots of a tree to supply nutrients and nerve clusters to your palms and finger... actually over 1 million clusters in your hands alone!

Nerves in hand and wrist that lead to arthritis when lifting

These nerve clusters are what make your hands and fingers so sensitive to touch.

But.. what happens to them from over use, hard work, and being crushed by raw metal weight bars and poorly padded equipment handles?

Compression on the nerve cuts off blood flow and numbness sets in.

Then, if the pain area does not heal will move further up the body and inflame the nerves and or tendons in your wrists or elbows.

This is one way people get carpal tunel syndrome, forearm tendonitis, tennis elbow, numbness or tingling in the hands. 

Lifting with NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves

NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves

Now.. pad your hands with NewGrips and those nerve endings will be protected, relaxed and have a chance to heal.

 In fact the longer you use NewGrips the better your hands and wrists will feel.

 The NewGrip Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution:

 Cushion your palms and fingers with enough protection to absorb weight bar pressure.

 NewGrips do this with 7/32 inch (5 mm) of resilient neoprene. The hand pads prevent further crushing and bruising of the soft tissue of your hands, increasing blood flow and helps restore nerve endings back to normal.

Here are some of our favorite testimonials from customers who are lifting pain free:

 New Grips are an 'intelligent design' because they blunt the sensory receptors in the (dermis) palms of your hands. This allows you to lift a much heavier weight, because your nervous system is not screaming out that the weight you are attempting to lift is to heavy.  George Stephen Taylor owner, trainHDinc, North Carolina
NewGrips have a unique part to play in the prevention, healing, and rehabilitation of finger, hand, wrist, elbow injuries and ailments. We believe that every clinic should have at least one pair. Nancy Falkenstein, OTR/L, CHT, CEES and Susan Weiss, OTR/L, CHT
You're gloves are truly one-of-a-kind. I've had severe hand pain. It was so bad that as soon as I finished my set I would grind my teeth in pain. On the first day with NewGrips the pain was reduced by at least half, the second day I only felt slight pain, by day four I felt nothing whatsoever! I still don't get the science behind these miracle gloves but I surely experience it. And YES my workouts have improved greatly; I am back to curling 50lb dumbbells, and benching 315lbs, thanks to your NewGrips. F. Gomez, New York
 For the first time ever I was able to get through a 1 hour workout w/o sore hands during my workouts. Grips took my mind off my hands and let me concentrate on lifting. Donna H., Alabama
 The nerve endings in ones fingers and hands are very sensitive to pain and pressure. Several clients have had this problem. Using NewGrip allows them to train with minimal hand pain even as they increase their weight loads. Great product. Dennis Garnham, Owner, NH Trainers
 I thought I was never going to be able to train again because of the pain in my fingers. I saw doctors, specialist and they all told me i have to stop. When I came across newgrip I was hesitant, but I am now amazed, its like my fingers just healed. I cannot train without them, since losing them my fingers have started to hurt again so I cant wait for a new set to arrive. NewGrip has helped me get along with life again!!  Mena Habib, England
 Since using NewGrips my hands are never sore after a workout. Clayton Smith, Mississippi
 My neuromuscular disease (non wheel chair muscular dystrophy) causes my very "unmuscled" hands to feel pain during weight lifting. Your NewGrip gloves completely eliminate this problem. As a result, I'm able to crank out a couple more reps. Thanks a million, Alan! Your creation is the best!  Conway Policastro, New Jersey
I have to admit I was very skeptical when I ordered your product. I lift weights an was battling a worsening case of tendonitis and with pull-ups. But I have to admit that they helped a great deal. Your NEWGRIPS and a recent steroid injection (in the tendon) have made a BIG difference. Thank you very much, I'm almost back to my old self. You have a great product. Kevin Pippen

 I have no more tendon pain in my wrists since a couple of months after I started using the NewGrips. It is likely that allowing me to exert a looser hand grip during certain exercises has reduced the inappropriate stress to my wrist tendons, and eliminated the problem.  Dale Elston, Austin, TX

 I have tennis/golfers elbow. I could not do any form of press curl or row without my elbows killing me. My wife who is an Occupational Therapist, was pretty skeptical but after using Grips for three days I can do everything I want to pain free. New Grips are such a simple solution to a problem lots of us in the 45 plus age group have. I am thrilled.  Richard Boothroyd, Ohio
I had never used any type of "glove" or wrist support before. But I started developing chronic soreness in my hands and a condition called "trigger finger" which cause one of my fingers to catch or lock in a bent position. The problems stemmed from inflammation of the tendon. I still wanted the feel of my fingers but the padding of the glove - your product was a great solution. It's helped reduce the soreness and effects of "trigger finger"; giving me better grip. Jeremy Hebert, Oct. 2009
We love the way Grips have "broken" in and now fit/mold to our hands; It's like they were custom made for us personally!  Stacy and Sean Bengochea, Indiana
 Arthritis causes me great hand pain. No glove was able to help me workout. But, with Grips, everything is easier. NewGrips cushion and absorb weight bar shock. Hal Syfritt, California
 NewGrips saved my right hands! Arthritis joint pain has been sneaking up on me and caused weight bars to hurt. NewGrips took the pain away! I now lift like when I was much younger. If there's a motto here it is, 'Don't let weightlifting wear out your hands...instead, get a NewGrip on your workout.  Ed Vigiotti, Massachusetts
 I have arthritis hands and wrists.I would get so discouraged because I knew I could lift more if my hands didn't hurt so much. With New Grips I don't have to grip so hard and I can do more reps and use heavier weights. Great product.  Connie Maksemetz, Ohio
 NewGrips are excellent. I have arthritis in my thumbs, and the extra padding does the trick. My workouts are much more enjoyable and pain free. Wonderful Product.  Kathy Baites, Tennessee
 I'm a 54 year old woman with a touch of osteo arthritis in my hands. I can't believe the difference gripping onto your compressible neoprene pad instead of an un-compressible knurled steel bar. My finger joints are feeling far less stress! As promised, they are easy-on, easy-off and no heat or sweat build up. Very innovative and they require no period of adjustment. I'm glad I discovered your web-site.  Kathy Cole, Connecticut