NewGrip Padded Rowing Gloves | Hand Protection for Open Water and Rowing Machines, Ergs, and Concept2

NewGrip Rowing Gloves on an Erg Concept2 machine

NewGrip Rowing Gloves are perfectly designed to protect your hands during rowing on machines, ergs, or the open water.

Athletes love rowing with NewGrip Rowing Gloves because:

  • NewGrip Gloves grip oars and paddles, while allowing rotation for maximum comfort
  • The neoprene hand pads cushion hands and help with fatigue during long workouts and rows
  • The high quality cotton wrist support stabilize wrists, eliminate wrist pain and fatigue and most importantly allow for FULL RANGE OF MOTION
  • NewGrip Rowing Gloves are breathable your hands won't sweat and blister like other gloves or barehanded rowing
  • NewGrip Gloves last longer than leather gloves and won't stink, stretch, or bunch

The NewGrip Rowing Advantage!

Most traditional rowing gloves don't protect hands the way most rowers would like.  Over time hands sweat causing chaffing and blisters, and there is no padding in the palm, or between the thumb and pointer finger where most pressure is on the oar.  Also most Rowing Gloves don't have a significant wrist support which can get fatigued over time. 

When we developed our rowing gloves in 1998 we would've never imagined, they would be used so far and wide for training, and huge rowing feats.  Here are the following open ocean rowing teams that have used NewGrip to protect their hands and row up to their potential:

  • TEAM OAR for a 73 day row across the northern atlantic
  •  Flying Ferkins on their world record breaking row across the Indian Ocean in 2009
  • Irish Currach boat first place finish
  • Celtic Challenge Crossing of the Irish Sea
  • Don "Dandy" McCliesh has rowed on the open ocean over 20,000 miles using new grip

NewGrip Rowing Gloves in Action on the Open Ocean

 We've had hundreds of great testimonials from satisfied customers who love NewGrip Rowing Gloves, here are a few:

We love the way Grips have "broken" in and now fit/mold to our hands; It's like NewGrips were custom made for us! Stacy and Sean Bengochea, Indiana
I prefer your 2 piece system over a one piece glove. It allows me to make adjustments anytime I want. This is my third order. Bruce Pearlman, Arizona
When the rower handle slippage and wear of my wedding ring led to blisters, I used leather gloves for protection, but ran into problems...blisters popped up in new places. Switching to NewGrip gloves for rowing was a big plus. My hands healed quickly and my personal best rowing times (2Ks through marathons) improved. (For those that say "gloves are for wimps," I can only say it doesn't matter what you wear if you finish first!) Brian Johnson, Florida
Once I broke them in they added power to my indoor rowing stroke. Hand soreness and calluses are gone! I can now row longer without sore hands. Great product! Ron Schumann
Using a Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine is very hard on the hands, causing nasty calluses and blisters, all of which NewGrip rowing gloves prevent. I will never wear any other gloves for rowing. Roger Lewis
Every April we participate in the North American Rowing Challenge. We had over 350 people participate and with one day to go we are 3 million meters ahead of the second place team. I rowed over 250,000 meters and my hands look and feel great because of NewGrip rowing gloves. John Wood, President,, PA
I am a 67 year old senior and spend 45 minutes a day on a Concept II rowing machine. Add to this 50 years of callus build up and you will appreciate when I say that after using NewGrip gloves for my concept 2 my calluses are almost gone. You have indeed built a better mouse trap. Herb Yager, California