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NewGrip KettleBell Gloves

Working out with KettleBells is one of the best and funnest lifting regiments there is.  KettleBells swings and snatches are great for overall body strength and are a great part of any lifting or CrossFit style WOD.   The only downside to an intense KettleBell  NewGrip has developed a KettleBell Glove which not only increases grip, but also prevents damage to hands and stabilizes wrists.  The constant weight coupled with the rotation of the KettleBell damages hands beyond typical weight lifting.  KettleBellers commonly get rips and tears, and subsequently have to take days off from their KB workouts while their hands heal.  Luckily NewGrip has developed a glove perfect for KettleBell work outs.  BTW, check out some a great resource for KettleBell Workouts Here!

Why do athletes love NewGrip KettleBell Gloves:

  • NewGrip Gloves increase your grip while allowing a full KettleBell rotation
  • The increased wrist support stabilizes wrists providing more explosive power and less risk or wrist injuries like hyper extensions, sprains, or strains
  • Prevention or blisters, calluses, or rips
  • Fully ventilated gloves for the maximum level of of safety and comfort, no more sweaty slippery hands

NewGrip KettleBells Gloves for Happy Hands

We've heard from dozens of athletes about our KettleBell Gloves over the years.
Here is what our customers are saying about NewGrip KettleBell Gloves:

As a RKC Instructor I need something that can stand up to 'punishment'. I heard about New Grips when prepping for the RKC certification course. Heavy kettlebell work takes a toll on your hands.
By the time I got to the RKC, my hands were toast. I called NewGrip and not only did I get a rush order sent to me, I also experienced someone who REALLY cares about his customers and went above and beyond to make sure I got my gloves before the infamous VO2Max workout. NewGrips are well suited for the KB Swing and essential for the KB snatch. In fact, NewGrips forced me to have the right grip on the drop from the top snatch position which has even helped my form. All I can say is: if you are a kettlebell user and do a lot of swings and snatches (especially the VO2Max protocol), then you owe it to yourself to get a pair of NewGrips. David Ellis RKC Owner and Trainer Iron Fusion Fitness, Minneapolis, MN
I tried the New Grips using the new finger configurations shown on the website, and my grip was much improved. I managed to snatch the 50 lb bell this time. I'm still having trouble using the New Grips for swings, and I'm finding them impossible to use for alternating swings. However, they were very nice for Turkish getups today and I could snatch 40 lbs endlessly with no pain. I actually found that having my pinkie and pointer finger outside of the strap while my middle and ring fingers were inside the strap was the best configuration for snatches. N, in Orlando
I reaaally love your product. The thing I get from using New Grips is the ability to concentrate on proper form and technique. Also, as I'm now doing a KB program that emphasizes speed and explosiveness I can dedicate my focus on the movements actually being explosive without the fear of slippage or injury. They've been real hand-savers for me. I've tried using regular lifting gloves for kettlebells and they don't even come close. Thanks for such an awesome product!! Tremain (Shon) White
Your NewGrips saved my hands at the recent Russian Kettlebell Challenge. The last day my left hand was pretty bad and even tape was not doing a good job. When I slipped on the NewGrips, the pain went down 90% and made it much easier to focus on my form which made everything safer. Great product. What really impressed me though was your willingness to communicate with me on how to make NewGrips better for kettlebell training. And rushing me a pair so that I would have them for the RKC was ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY. Thanks for all you do for us. Dr. John Sullivan RKC
Got the New Grips a few days ago and did 300 snatches with them that night--they did exceptionally well and my hands have not a mark on them! I look forward to using them even more in the future. Brian Dixon, Virginia