NewGrip Cycling Gloves, Batting Gloves, and Other Great Uses For NewGrip Gloves

NewGrip Cycling Gloves are ideal for the serious cyclist who is suffering through hand and wrist pain.  When cycling you are hunched over your bike with a ton of pressure on your hands and wrists.  Every bump in the road or trail is absorbed by your palms and wrists.  Most cycling glove have minimal padding, which means they don't absorb this impact and vibration.  NewGrip Cycling Gloves are designed to absorb pressure and vibration so you can cycle with pain free hands and wrists.

NewGrip Cycling Gloves

Why do cyclists love riding with NewGrip Cycling Gloves?

  • NewGrip Cycling Gloves absorb shock and vibration of the road, leading to painless hands while cycling.
  • They are open backed and breathable, not stuffy and hot like traditional cycling gloves.
  • NewGrip Cycling Gloves feature comfortable 100% cotton wrist support, perfect for keeping wrists happy and healthy over long rides.
  • The custom fit design is shaped to fit any sized hand.

NewGrip Gloves are not only great for Cycling, but can also be used as batting gloves, using the same idea, they absorb the shock, or ping of the ball better than traditionally un padded batting gloves.

Check out this video of batting practice using NewGrip Batting Gloves:

 We've heard from dozens of satisfied customers.  Here are a few of our favorite testimonials:

Your cycling gloves really cut down on vibration. I started biking 10-20 miles per day and the vibration was making my left hand tingle and ache ("cyclers palsy"). Padded cycling gloves are very expensive ($30-40) with only a bit of padding. When I found your site, I was overjoyed. PowerPads are very affordable and provide perfect padding! I wondered how they would function with braking and shifting, but it's no problem at all. My fingers are free to do all that stuff. PowerPads are now favorite biking gloves. - Bruce Bowling
The NewGrips I have used both cycling and in the gym have been fabulous; especially their responsiveness, in that if I really need to feel the disc braking system or gear shift I can release my hands from your hand pads and restore them easily again when necessary. No more numg hands cycling! - Wayne Goucher, Northern Ireland
I got a second pair of NewGrips for biking (first set for lifting weights) after I discovered they helped me make a 26 mile ride without sore hands and blisters cycling! -Paul in Illinois
I have had problems with pain in my hands and wrists. I tried adding extra padding to the handle bars and tried several other styles of cycling gloves .. but, the pain only increased. I found New Grips and have been very happy with the results. Your wrist straps add support and the neoprene pads give extra padding where cycling gloves miss. I also ordered additional straps in a larger size to accommodate thicker winter clothing. They have eased the pain enough to allow me to shift and brake more firmly and with less pain. And, they can be worn with or without regular cycling gloves. Outstanding product! - Ernie St. Laurent
Using NewGrips wrist support I can now, after 11 years of painful tendonitis in both hands, play piano again, ride my bicycle, pull wet clothes out of the washing machine, and do long stretches of handwriting and computer keyboarding without pain. Hooray for NewGrips! - Judy Lahore, Washington
Generally a 1 -2 mile run, a 20-30 mile bike ride and a 2-5 mile run...

I was dubious about your product but was experiencing so much wrist pain over the last two years that I had to try something. I started using NewGrips for weight lifting and my chronic wrist pain went away after about two weeks!

Then I went for a 50 mile bike ride the following Saturday with my heavily padded traditional bike gloves and had a major setback.

The next Thursday I was trying to decide whether I should skip my group training ride to let my wrists heal or risk making my pain even worse, when I thought about the NewGrips.

My two main worries... were 1. that they would be hot and 2. that I wouldn't be able to shift and brake properly in the pace line. Since pain is a great motivator, I grabbed the NewGrips and set off.

Well, my hands stayed cooler than when using traditional cycling gloves!

I did not find them to get in the way of shifting and braking..

In fact, I didn't have to consciously make any adjustments to my technique, my hands didn't notice any difference and my wrists noticed a huge difference!

But, a decision I faced in a duathalon was whether or not to attempt to wear gloves during the bike portion of my event.

I could skip the gloves and gain speed in the transition zone at the cost of several days of hand/wrist pain or I could put on and take off gloves in the transition zone at the cost of time. I compromised and went with NewGrips.

I put on the wrist straps before the first run and placed the pads under my bike helmet velcro side up.

When I got to the transition zone, I threw on the helmet, slapped my hands down simultaneously on the NewGrips, engaging the velcro and positioned them.

As I rode the first few feet, I slipped my fingers under the elastic strap and fine tuned the position of the pads. Using NewGrips did not cost me more than 1 second in time and saved me from a lot of hand and wrist pain the next day.

When I was coming back to the transition on my bike I slipped my fingers out of the elastic and pulled off the pads in the last few feet of riding. I just dropped the pads when I was putting my running shoes back on and left the wrist straps in place for my next run.

I ended up first in my age group and pain free; which was the ultimate combo for me!

Now, I never ride without NewGrip. - Ron S., North Carolina