NewGrip 100% Vegan Cruelty Free Weight Lifting Gloves for all Vegan BodyBuilders, Power Lifters and Personal Trainers

NewGrip Vegan Weight Lifting Gloves

For the vegan weight lifter/bodybuilder, eating vegan while lifting and training is the most important aspect of training.  The second most important being training with vegan accessories.  Its hard to find a high quality vegan weight lifting glove that won't bunch, or quickly break.  Luckily NewGrip has developed a high quality lifting glove that lasts longer than leather, for half the price of many leather lifting gloves, and is 100% Vegan.

Why Vegan Weight Lifters LOVE NewGrip Gloves:

  • NewGrip Gloves are the Highest Quality Vegan Fitness Gloves on the planet, they typically last 2 times longer than leather
  • The neoprene enhances grip on any bar or machine
  • Prevents Blisters and Rips common with intense lifting sessions
  • Custom fit and adjustable, fits any shape or size of hand

NewGrip 100% Vegan Weight Lifting Gloves are composed of a 2 part system. 

The 1/4" thick Neoprene Hand pads not only shield hands from rips and blisters, but they also are great at protecting hands from bacteria, germs and viruses at gym.

The wrist support portion of NewGrip Vegan Gloves is 100% woven cotton with a nickel buckle and is virtually indestructible.  The wrist support are great for stabilizing wrists through heavy lifts, and prevent hyperextension while increasing blood flow and decreasing swelling. 

NewGrip Vegan Weight Lifting Gloves

NewGrip Hand Pads and Wrist Support are especially beneficial for athletes who have chronic pain from years of lifting heavy.

Note: NewGrip wrist support can be worn 24/7 if you experience chronic wrist pain when not lifting, we would highly recommend giving them a try.

NewGrip is used by a number or high profile vegan lifters, here are a few testimonials from our amazing vegan lifting team:

To test cruelty free NewGrip lifting gloves I put one on one hand and my old weight lifting glove on the other. Result? NewGrips add more support with superior comfort. Here is why. When you lift heavy weights you want to make sure your muscles fatigue before your grip fails. Using NewGrips my muscles are being trained to their full potential. I now recommend them on my web site. Robert Cheeke, World's Most Recognized Vegan Bodybuilder
I was glad to find New Grips on-line after unsuccessful trips to sporting goods stores looking for vegan weightlifting gloves. My hands tend to get really sore toward the end of my routine, but since using New Grips I'm only sore where I should be at the end of my workout. This company has excellent customer service - they get back to you right away with answers to your questions, and they offer a full refund within a certain amount of time if you're not satisfied with the product. Crucial gear for the iron pumping vegan with sensitive digits. The VegGuide
Your animal free lifting gloves outperform any glove I have used by far. The neoprene is superior in cushion, support, and durability to leather gloves. Regarding performance, I can work the muscles on which I am isolating longer because the grips reduce (in some cases eliminate) hand pain. I doubt I'll ever buy another pair of leather gloves. Michael Davis, Georgia
I always feel like my wrists are going to break every time I lift, so the wrist straps have helped a great deal. And, like most people, I often grip the weights too much, to the point where my knuckles are white (which, as we all know, eludes to the fact that I'm not working my targeted muscles as much as my knuckles). Using Grips this no longer happens. Also, I am a Vegan, so the fact that I am not buying a carcass feels good too. You have done yourself well, NEW GRIP!" Suzette Andrea